Print out our free STEM worksheets below to go along with your next STEM lesson plan or STEM challenge. These simple STEM worksheets are perfect for elementary students who are ready to extend their STEM activities through recording data and results.  Check out some great STEM activities to go along with these printable pages!


Free STEM worksheets and Science Process Pack for Kids


These STEM worksheets below are a great way for kids to stop and think about what’s going on within the STEM challenge or science experiment they are doing!

My son and I have had a terrific time through preschool to early elementary with simple STEM activities.

Now that he is in 4th grade, he is really into recording and drawing his observations, so we continue to use these STEM worksheets to encourage these skills while we enjoy new STEM challenges.

Read more about STEM and NGSS here to get started!


Adding these STEM worksheets allows kids to take what they are building, engineering, creating, and inventing, and put it into words for others to understand.

Recording the thought processes, successes, failures, and results is an awesome way for kids to tap into those critical thinking skills and to step back and evaluate what is happening with their challenge or project. Learn more about the engineering design process!

Get kids thinking about…

  • What is the problem that needs to be solved?
  • What supplies do I have to use?
  • What will my plan of action be?
  • What worked?
  • What didn’t work?
  • What did I learn from this challenge?
  • What conclusions can I draw from my results and data collection?

Additionally, kids have the opportunity to express their passion for their STEM project and to take ownership of the results.

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You absolutely want to grab both of these packs to add to your STEM and science lesson plans! Click on each of the images below.

STEM Challenge Worksheets

These printable STEM worksheets are great to pair with one of these fun engineering activities.

Science Process Worksheets

These printable worksheets explain and illustrate the steps of the scientific method and provide a place for kids to complete their own science experiment.

Pair with any of the science activities found throughout this website. Find a new favorite science experiment here with easy to use supplies.

Read more about the scientific method and check out these ice experiments as an example. They are perfect for low prep activities at home or in the classroom.


Fantastic and simple STEM challenges promote both creative and critical thinking skills! Kids work independently or in groups to come up with solutions with a variety of STEM task cards presented for each season or theme!

These printable STEM activities are simple enough for preschoolers to elementary and older!

Download, print, and laminate any of these STEM challenge cards below. Add to a basket of simple supplies gathered from the recycling bin!

Fall STEM Challenge Cards

Apple STEM Challenge Cards

Pumpkin STEM Challenge Cards

Winter STEM Challenge Cards

Valentines Day STEM Challenge Cards

Looking to source STEM supplies on a budget? Check out our printable STEM supplies list!


Discover more fun and easy science & STEM activities right here. Click on the link or on the image below.

Best ever STEM and science activities for kids.