It seems like a good idea to get crafty and make some cute Christmas ornaments for the tree. The problem is my son isn’t always into homemade crafts.  So what do you do when you want to make ornaments for your Christmas tree, but you don’t have any enthusiastic helpers? Introduce them to these cool science ornaments or scientific decorations instead. Your kids will LOVE putting together these unique science ornaments with you!

Make STEM Christmas Ornaments This Holiday Season

From crystals and slime to LEGO and circuitry, these amazing science ornaments are the best homemade Christmas ornaments for kids!

Fun Christmas STEM activities for families to try out together, which provide a unique learning opportunity that you can share with your kids.

Spend your Christmas holiday engrossed in STEM! If you are wondering what STEM is, it stands for science, technology, engineering, and math all rolled into one.

STEM projects and STEM challenges provide amazing and valuable real-life lessons for kids.  STEM develops observational skills, problem-solving skills, and engineering skills as well as patience and perseverance.

Christmas STEM activities can be super fun and highly educational. Get hands-on and explore science, technology, engineering, and math with these cool Christmas ornaments. These STEM ornaments are sure to get the wheels turning and your kids creating, even your non-crafty kiddos!

I definitely don’t have the craftiest kid in the world which is why I like to hunt down alternative ways to make some homemade ornaments together. There is a perfect ornament-making activity for everyone out there!

Many of these science Christmas ornaments still offer plenty of room for creativity and craftiness. They are definitely more like STEAM ornaments which are STEM plus the addition of art.

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Cool Science Ornaments You Can Make

Click on all the links in red to check out all these cool scientific decorations for the holiday season. I definitely recommend taking a peek at them all!

Slime Ornament

Our Christmas slime ornaments make a perfect gift for kids to give to friends. Add fun trinkets to your slime for a cool science experiment. Or just hang them up on the tree. Try adding glitter too!

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Binary Alphabet Ornament

Coding without a computer! Have you ever wanted to learn more about the Binary Alphabet? There’s some great information here as well as a fun way to make a Christmas coding ornament.

Magnetic Ornament

Explore magnetism with all sorts of fun materials and create a magnetic science ornament too. Are jingle bells magnetic?

Crystal Candy Candy Ornament

Grow your own crystals for Christmas and learn about suspension science. Our crystal candy cane ornament is beautiful and remarkably sturdy. Growing crystals is easier than you think too.

Crystal Snowflakes

You can also make your own science Christmas ornament in the shape of snowflakes.

Salt Crystal Ornaments

Another fun way to grow crystals is with salt! This is perfect for the youngest scientists because all you need is salt and water. These will take longer to form then the borax crystal ideas above, but it’s a terrific process just the same.

LEGO Christmas Ornaments

If you have a house full of LEGO, you can’t have a Christmas tree without a few simple to make LEGO Christmas ornaments!

Soft Circuit Christmas Ornament

This is a great STEM ornament for the older kid but just as fun for a parent and kid to make together too and learn about electricity too.

Tie Dye Ornaments

Tie-dye ornaments are so much for kids to make and also introduce the concept of soluble science. An awesome art activity as well, this Christmas science ornament is definitely considered STEAM or STEM + Art!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Ornament

Pick a favorite book and see if you can come up with a STEAM-inspired book theme ornament like this one! Do you have a favorite book that would make a good Christmas ornament? It doesn’t have to be a Christmas book, either. This one isn’t, but it’s so cute!

Chromatography Ornament

Check out this cool science ornament that explores chemistry!

Milk and Vinegar Ornaments

Who would have thought you could make these pretty ornaments from milk and vinegar? Combine science and art this holiday season with a fun science Christmas ornament. 

Christmas Chemistry Ornament

Take a classic crystal growing chemistry activity and turn it into a  Christmas ornament complete with a science theme.  Make Christmas chemistry ornaments shaped like a beaker, a light bulb, and an atom perfect for any science enthusiast!

More Fun Christmas Activities For Kids

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