As my son ages, LEGO activities have taken center stage in much of our play and learning time. Of course, all these awesome LEGO activities include science experiments and STEM challenges, too! After all, LEGO is all about building, creating, exploring, and expanding the imagination. Our LEGO STEM activities are easy to do at home or even at school because we try to use basic bricks or types of bricks you may already have.


STEM LEGO Building

LEGO is one of the best-known toys around, but it’s so much more than a toy if you look closely. LEGO can be used to teach mathematics, science, engineering, and even technology or what’s known as STEM!

Learn more about what is STEM for kids.

What else can LEGO do? LEGO works on developing fine motor skills. Have you seen how small some of those pieces are?

LEGO also inspires kids’ imagination and creativity. It teaches us how to solve problems and how to use intricate details to make a design come alive.


If you take a peek at some of our LEGO STEM activities below, they might seem like an unconventional way to use LEGO. We spend a great deal of time free-building from a large box, but we also have some inventive ways to play with our bricks and figures.

Think outside the brick and see how else you can use your LEGO pieces. Build a volcano for a science experiment, carve a pumpkin and make a LEGO scene, or design parachutes for Mini-figures and test them out.

LEGO STEM activities can keep everyone busy in so many ways. When you want to take a break from the LEGO building, why not try some of our awesome science experiments for something different?

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Click the links below to check out these cool LEGO STEM project ideas.

LEGO Water Dam Challenge

Can you use your LEGO bricks to control the water flow on an inclined surface?


LEGO Ice Melt

The simplest LEGO STEM activity ever! Kids will love rescuing the LEGO in this LEGO ice melt science activity.

LEGO Ice Melt


Try this fun symmetry challenge! Set up half a baseplate with an abstract image and have your kiddo complete it using symmetry principles!

LEGO Stamping

Add paint to your LEGO bricks and create a stamped city for a unique art project for kids.


LEGO Self Portraits

Create yourself out of LEGO with a unique twist on the self portrait! Make a LEGO self portrait as part of our selfies projects.


LEGO Hex Bug Maze

Make some simple Hex Bugs Lego habitats or even a maze with your kids! Can your Hex Bugs navigate through successfully?

LEGO Zip Line

Explore slopes, tension, gravity and more with this fun Lego STEM activity. Build your own Lego zip line that your mini-figs are sure to love! Here is a more basic LEGO zip line version that doesn’t use the pulley.

LEGO Zip Line

LEGO Parachute

The mini-figs get to have all the fun! The challenge is building a parachute from simple supplies to see them safely land. Can you do it?

Monochromatic LEGO Art

Explore color with LEGO! Did you know how many variations of color LEGO makes!


LEGO Balloon Car

Build a balloon-powered car that goes! Race your car with a friend and see how far it can travel.


LEGO American Flag

Build any flag with this simple LEGO flag challenge! Research a favorite country or your own and see if you can recreate the flag!

LEGO Heart

Explore math patterns, counting, puzzles, and engineering with a simple heart shape you can create repeatedly.

LEGO Faces Emotions

Use your favorite LEGO minifigs and draw their faces, or create your own with these blank LEGO printable pages!


LEGO Catapult

Build an awesome LEGO catapult using basic bricks for an easy STEM and physics activity. This fun homemade catapult just about everyone will want to make! 


LEGO Coding

Code with Lego? Yes definitely! This easy Lego STEM activity introduces binary code to kids.


LEGO Rubber Band Car

With this fun STEM project, find out how to turn the Batmobile into a LEGO rubber band car. Your favorite superhero can also be a great STEM activity!

LEGO Rubber Band Car

LEGO Leprechaun Trap

Catch a leprechaun for St Patrick’s Day with this fun LEGO building activity.

LEGO Volcano

Combine one of our favorite chemical reactions with a Lego volcano. This has to be the most fun ever!


LEGO Tessellation

LEGO can be used in many different ways. Creating a tessellation with LEGO bricks is a fun Lego STEM activity. Learn more about tessellations with MC Escher.

LEGO Marble Maze

Build your own LEGO marble maze. Can you make it through the maze from one end to the other?


LEGO Jack O’Lantern

Do you love Halloween? Here are two simple LEGO Halloween Building ideas with basic bricks! Build a LEGO Jack O’Lantern and LEGO candy corn!

LEGO Football

Host your own paper football game this season! It is a simple and fun homemade game for both kids and adults.

LEGO Skittles Game (Bowling)

Have you ever played skittles? How about a homemade LEGO Skittles game? We did, and we had a blast playing with it too!

LEGO Minions

Build Minions from basic bricks.

LEGO Star Wars

Building LEGO Star Wars Yoda, R2D2, and a Death Star from basic bricks. Use what you have and your imagination to come up with these fun builds!


Learn with our 10 frame printable and basic LEGO bricks. Play and learn with our printable LEGO Math Challenge Cards and LEGO Tower game, or build LEGO numbers.

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