Grab that big box of LEGO and prepare for a new set of LEGO® challenges today. These LEGO fairy tale challenge cards are a great way to get kids fired up over building and are great to pair with your favorite fairy tale books. Follow the prompts to complete the build using the LEGO® you already have. Maybe the kiddos will even invent their own LEGO challenges!


LEGO Challenge Cards

LEGO is one of the most excellent and versatile play materials out there. He has been in love since my son connected his first bricks. Usually, we enjoy tons of cool science experiments together, but we also love coming up with fun LEGO-building ideas.

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If you’re looking for things to do for the kids at home, LEGO is the perfect activity for kids of all ages. The benefits of LEGO are numerous. From hours of free play to more complicated STEM projects, LEGO building has encouraged learning through exploration for decades. Our LEGO activities cover so many areas of learning that are great for preschoolers through to the early teen years.


Fairy Tale Challenges with Bricks

If you want an easy, playful learning activity to share with your kiddos, you will love this fairy tale theme-building activity. All you need to do is download our free printable LEGO fairy tale challenges below, find some basic bricks, and get started!

TIP: Why not read the fairy tale first for some inspiration?


STEM challenges are usually open-ended suggestions to solve a problem. That’s a big part of what STEM is all about!

Ask a question, develop solutions, design, test, and retest! The tasks are meant to get kids thinking about and using the design process with Lego!

What’s the design process? I’m glad you asked! In many ways, it’s a series of steps an engineer, inventor, or scientist would go through to solve a problem. Learn more about the steps of the engineering design process.


How to Get Started with Fairy Tale Challenges

Discovering how to use the LEGO pieces you already have to make something cool is a great skill for young kids to learn early on. You don’t always need more of something. Instead, use your imagination and work with what you already have! Test out how various pieces connect to solve building challenges you encounter.

How to Build Your LEGO Collection:

  • Try your local online marketplace for bulk bins of used bricks.
  • This Classic LEGO set is perfect if you need to add pieces to your collection. Walmart often has these sets on sale!
  • Order directly from

Use what you have! The goal is to be able to put those critical thinking skills to the test!

Click below to get your printable LEGO Fairy Tale Challenges!

More Fun LEGO Challenges

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