Transform everyday items into craft apples using textile art this fall! This fall-themed art and craft project works well for so many ages and is amazing for building fine motor skills as well as exploring new textures. Turn cardboard and yarn into a neat way to create and learn about textile art while making a fun apple craft for kids. Try out new kinds of art this fall and explore creative ways to enjoy classic themes like apples.



Fall marks a special time of year when the scent of cinnamon and spices creates a warm fuzzy feeling and thoughts turn to arts and crafts with mugs of cider and crunchy apples!

I’m excited to share more arts and crafts projects this season that all pair with an interesting style of art! This apple craft is all about creating textile art. Although there’s a finished project to enjoy and display, this apple craft is still all about developing kids’ creativity and skills.

Also, make yarn pumpkins or yarn leaves

Plus, it’s pretty easy to make with younger kiddos as well as older kiddos and it’s not that messy! Make multi-color apples or pick your favorite type of apple. Around here, that means Honey Crisps!


Textile art is the process of creating something using fibers gained from sources like plants, animals, or synthetic materials. This textile art project is great for fine motor development and can be used to work on developmental goals, functional skills, and dexterity. Plus, it’s fun and the result is an amazing fall theme decoration.


Grab your free fall apple project and get started today!

Grab your free fall apple template and get started today!

You’ll find various apple templates to use with all of apple art projects or just to color for fun!

Free Apple Steam Ideas


  • Apple printable template
  • Yarn (red, green, yellow, brown)
  • Glue
  • Cardboard
  • Markers
  • Scissors

What else could you wrap around the cardboard apple? Try ribbon, fabric scraps, or even raffia.


STEP 1: Print and cut out the apple template or draw your own. Then trace the template onto cardboard and cut it out.

TIP: If you are doing this activity with multiple kiddos or a larger group, you might want to cut everything out ahead of time! This is particularly helpful if you are low on time or don’t have enough scissors for everyone.

STEP 2: Color the stem and leaf of the cardboard apple with markers. Alternatively, you can also use green and brown yarn to wrap the stem and leaf if desired!

STEP 3: Spread a layer of glue over the cardboard apple.

STEP 4: Choose your yarn color and tape the end to the cardboard.

STEP 5: Start wrapping the yarn…

STEP 6: Keep wrapping the yarn! Change colors if desired. The more you wrap the yarn, the puffier your apple will look!

You can use different shades of the same color or look for a variegated yarn in your favorite apple color!

This apple themed textile art project makes for a fun fall decoration!

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