Quick Christmas Activities for Kids

    Quick Christmas Activities for Kids   Activities you still have time for and your kids will love! Christmas may be getting closer, but there is still plenty of time to treat your kids to fun and festive quick Christmas activities. Not only are these quick Christmas activities simple to set up, but they […]

Confetti Ornaments New Years Party Idea for Kids

  New Years Confetti Ornaments    Easy Party Idea for Kids Awesome party idea, confetti ornaments! We have made some awesome things with these fillable ornaments this season! Our slime ornaments are perfect to make and give with your kids. We even filled them for quick teacher’s gift ornaments and then my friends each wanted one! The other day […]

Christmas Treasure Basket Sensory Play for Toddlers

Christmas Treasure Basket Sensory Play   Hands-On Learning and Playing Every Day! I had a wonderful opportunity to put together a Christmas treasure basket {discovery basket} for a young child the other day! Treasure baskets are often a younger version of a sensory bin and usually does not contain a filler such as rice or […]

New Years Slime Sensory Play for Kids

  New Years Slime for the Party   Quick And Simple Recipe For Sparkly Sensory Play We fell in love with slime this year and this awesome homemade recipe! We have used this homemade slime recipe over and over again and it has not failed us yet! Snowflake slime, Starry slime, Frozen slime, the possibilities are endless! It is […]

Christmas Tree Engineering Project

Christmas Tree Engineering Project Preschool Engineering and Math Play for Christmas This Christmas tree engineering project truly evolved on it’s own! I had some wonderful inspiration from Left Brain Craft Brain’s Thinker Trees.  Her’s is wonderfully different {no styrofoam tree needed}! So far this season we have enjoyed a few Christmas tree projects including Christmas tree […]

EOS Ornament Gift

EOS Ornament Gift EOS Ornament gift filled with Cold Essentials Simple and pretty EOS ornament gift! Figuring out a teacher gift or co-worker gift is always so confusing to me! What do people want? What would I want? We jus recently made some homemade slime ornament gifts for my son’s friends and had a few  reusable […]

Slime Ornaments for Kids to Make

Homemade Slime Ornaments for Kids   Quick And Simple Homemade Gifts to Give Make these easy slime ornaments for quick, fun and frugal gifts this year! We fell in love with slime this year!  Our homemade slime recipe  has not failed us yet! We have used it over and over again for our most popular slimes, snowflake slime […]