Kids Science Experiments Checklists, Materials, And Tools

Kids Science Experiments Checklists, Materials, And Tools Grab these science experiments checklists and go! Have you ever just wanted a quick resource of science experiments and materials needed to get started?  Well, here they are! Everything You Need To Get Started  Why Preschool Science? Preschoolers are curious creatures. Science experiments, even very simple experiments fuel […]

Frozen Fizzy Sensory Play With Melons

Fizzy Sensory Dough 3 Ingredient Simple Science Sensory Play Pin It July is make your own simple fizzy dough Read about 12 Months of Sensory Dough Play by Lemon Lime Adventures  I signed on to the 12 months of sensory dough play as a sort of therapy for my son who has a sensory processing disorder diagnosis. […]

Sand Foam Sensory Play

Sand Foam Sensory Play 2 Ingredient, Easy, Messy, Fun For Kids Messy Sand Foam Sensory Play There’s nothing better than quick and easy sensory play to bring out at any time! My favorite activities are ones I can create with what I already have in the house. This super simple sensory play only uses two […]

Mini Alphabet Sensory Bins For Letter Recognition, Sounds, And Vocabulary Building

Mini Alphabet Sensory Bins Try these mini alphabet sensory bins for a little hands on early learning this year. Sensory play makes for a rich learning environment to help spark the curiosity of any child. Engaging and plain old fun, rice sensory bins are a great way to engage with your child and engage several […]