The One Thing Kids Need and It’s Not a Toy

  What is the one thing kids need from you? I have learned this lesson over the past year as my child has grown from young preschooler to older preschool to almost kindergartener. There is only one thing kids need more then anything else in their life providing food, clothing and shelter are not an […]

25 Awesome Outdoor Summer Science Experiments

    Incredibly Cool Summer Science Experiments. Hands-On Learning and Play with Awesome Summer Science! The learning doesn’t have to stop once summer vacation rolls around! These awesome summer science experiments are filled with play and learning opportunities. Explore chemical reactions, physics, gravity, motion, heat, polymers, earth sciences and more with easy summer science experiments […]

Bursting Bags Outdoor Science Experiment Popping Burping Fun

Bursting bags Outdoor Science Experiment Chemical reactions make for exciting science activities. Baking soda and vinegar chemical reactions are fascinating, engaging and easy for everyone to enjoy! Our latest bursting bags science experiment is perfect for an outdoor science activity. Inside or outside, baking soda and vinegar reactions are amazing science. Try making volcanos, blowing […]