LEGO Ornament Gifts Kid’s Stocking Stuffer

Stockings are always so tricky to fill! I love to fill my son’s stocking with things that he will want to use. We all know that filling kid’s stockings can get pretty expensive, but this LEGO ornament gifts are perfect! If you have a LEGO loving kid and he has LEGO loving friends, make up these […]

Christmas Jokes Kids love 25 Days Countdown Calendar Advent

Make a simple 25 Days of Christmas jokes kids love countdown calendar. You don’t need a fancy Christmas Countdown Calendar to get the kids excited! Make your own and have fun together. We have put together a few frugal ideas for Christmas Countdown Calendars this year including a LEGO Countdown Calendar and a 25 Days of […]

10 Best Holiday Slimes Christmas Science and Sensory Play

    Our 10 best holiday slimes are sure to please kids of all ages this Christmas season. We absolutely love slime, and we love how easy it is to make slime. We might have gone a little slime crazy with all of the slimes we have made over the past year! Slime is awesome […]

Thanksgiving Science Activities and Experiments for Kids

Between Halloween and Christmas is a very important holiday called Thanksgiving. It can often get lost in the media of the other holidays, but Thanksgiving shouldn’t get lost in our families. Although, we don’t typically do very many themed Thanksgiving science activities like we do for the other holidays, I can sure tell you we […]

20 Winter Activities and Science Experiments for Kids

  Winter can be long so why not throw in some fun themed Winter activities or science experiments to make the most of your indoor time. When you aren’t out sledding, building snowman, or firing snow balls, check out our favorite easy set-up Winter activities for kids ages 3-8! P.S. Adults enjoy Winter activities too! […]

Christmas Magic Milk |Santa’s Science Experiment

We know Santa loves his milk and cookies and of course he would have magic milk for Christmas! Magic milk is such a cool science activity and Christmas magic milk is perfect for our 25 Days of Christmas STEM Countdown Calendar this year! Please join us and follow along. Today we had fun with Santa […]

Jumping Tinsel Christmas Static Electricity Science Experiment

Join us for the 25 Days of Christmas STEM Countdown! Have you ever rubbed a balloon vigorously against your clothes and stuck it to a wall?  I bet you have! This is called static electricity, and it is an awesome simple science experiment that doesn’t require a whole lot of supplies. We are giving many […]

25 Days of Christmas STEM Countdown Calendar Science Advent

What’s the hardest part of a Christmas countdown calendar? Every year I want to make one, and every year I don’t. A  countdown calendar is a fun way to enjoy the holiday season with extra special activities or treats. So why don’t I ever get a countdown calendar together? I simply haven’t been organized, and […]

Christmas Tinker Kit DIY Gift for Kids

We like to come up with creative gifts to share with friends. Since we aren’t crafty people, my son and I decided to put together a Christmas tinker kit gift to give instead. What’s a tinker kit? A tinker kit is like an inventors workshop. More than arts and crafts, a tinker kit provides materials […]