LEGO Pumpkin Play World Fall STEM

  Pumpkins and Fall are just about my favorite time of the year. Pumpkin play everything! We have been playing, creating, and exploring pumpkins already this season with neat mini pumpkin eruptions, pumpkin decorating, pumpkin tunnels, and pumpkin goop! We can’t get enough pumpkin play and this time we added our LEGO pieces and LEGO […]

Building Ghostly Styrofoam Ball Structures Halloween STEM

Don’t you just love Halloween! We do. There are many cool ways to explore STEM during the holidays that make it a bit more fun than everyday learning. We created ghostly styrofoam ball structures using just 2 supplies. Excellent STEM learning activity that is also a neat play activity. Learn and play and build ghostly […]

Simple Fine Motor Pumpkin Decorating Idea

Every holiday needs a super quick and easy but totally fun activity! This quick and simple fine motor pumpkin decorating idea is fun for the whole family to do together. We all enjoyed decorating our own mini pumpkin this season. Practice fine motor skills, get ready for Halloween, and share some family time with a […]

Halloween Ghost Pumpkin Science Activity

We do love making things erupt around here. Pumpkins {watermelons and apples too} make the perfect vessel for a cool baking soda science eruption. It all began three years ago with the famous pumpkin-cano! Then we tried an apple eruption. This year we tested out mini pumpkin volcanos. Now, we can check this cool ghost […]

Halloween Calm Down Balls for Kids

  Calm down balls are perfect any time of the year for adults and kids. We made a new batch of themed Halloween calm down balls this week perfect for this month. My son loved our first batch of calm down balls as well as our Easter egg ones this past Spring. Our Halloween Calm […]

Edible Halloween Haunted House Building Activity

Why wait for the holidays to make a candy house! We decided to make a Halloween haunted house this year for a fun family Halloween activity. This super easy to build haunted house is perfect for many ages to enjoy, even the adults too. make sure to check out more of our Halloween activities to […]

Unique and Fun LEGO Gifts for Kids and Adults

Are you looking for different kinds of LEGO gifts this year? Holidays? Birthdays? Special occasions? A creative classic building set is always a treat, but if you want to find something a bit out of the ordinary, I have a list of LEGO gifts that is perfect! You will find something for all ages including […]

Mini Travel LEGO Hand Sanitizer

    Cold season will be upon us soon enough, but germs are also a year round issue! Make hygiene cool with a mini LEGO hand sanitizer. Quick and easy to make, attach a LEGO hand sanitizer to any backpack, purse, or bag! Kids will love making sure their hands are clean and germ free […]

10 Spooky Halloween Activities for Kids

    Halloween is the best. Now that I have a son, I am even more excited by Halloween because he is too. Sometimes you want some not so spooky Halloween activities and sometimes you totally want SPOOKY Halloween activities! We are up for more creepy, gross, and definitely spooky Halloween activities. 10 Gross, Creepy, […]

Simple Physics Activities for Kids

Physics is fun, and these physics activities make STEM fun too!.Welcome to Saturday STEM. We are back in business with the start of the new school year! Find us here every Saturday sharing fantastic STEM ideas from our own experiences as well as awesome bloggers. Science or STEM is very popular in our home, The […]