Build LEGO Apples for Kids Back to School Fall Activity

Back to school building idea! LEGO building activities you can do with pretty basic bricks are the best. These LEGO apples are quick and easy to build and offer  simple lessons in math and engineering. Perfect fall activity, LEGO apples are sure to be a hit with your LEGO loving kids. Big kids too! My […]

10 Best Back to School Preschool Science Activities

Science activities can be so much fun for young kids. My son has a blast playing and learning with these simple ideas for preschool science activities. Often you don’t have to look any farther then your kitchen for all the supplies you need to come up with amazing preschool science activities and experiments! We have done […]

10 Back to School Preschool Fine Motor Activities

Fine motor activities for strengthening little hands are so important. Strengthening hand muscles, encouraging proper grips, building finger dexterity, and hand-eye coordination are important first steps towards writing! You can accomplish all of these pre-writing needs with our hands-on preschool fine motor activities. Make everyone smile with simple but creative preschool fine motor activities for fun […]