Go on a treasure hunt with shaving cream sensory play! This St Patricks Day {or really any day} try out this quick, easy, and a little bit messy shaving cream sensory play idea. Search for a pot of gold in fluffy mounds of shaving cream. It’s a wonderful tactile sensory experience for young kids. Read all about the benefits of sensory play for kids.

Shaving Cream Sensory Play Coin Hunt

St Patricks Day shaving cream sensory play activity

Shaving cream is a fun, easy and inexpensive sensory play idea! We clear the table and prep to get a little messy. Clean up is much easier than you think! We always like to have a bowl of fresh water nearby to wash off hands. If you want to reduce mess, try it in the bathtub or a sink! Here’s our St Patricks Day shaving cream coin hunt!

St Patricks Day STEM Challenge Cards



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Large Bin

Gold Coins

Shaving Cream



I put a large bin on the table and emptied a  package of 100 St Patricks Day coins. I covered all the coins with one can of cheap, foaming shaving cream. Gel does not work! I sprinkled green glitter over everything, just because! Fresh water and towels handy too!

St Patricks Day Shaving Cream Set Up Bin


Once we were set up, we invited the boys to play! No real instructions here but to find the coins and have fun!

St Patricks Day Shaving Cream Rinsing Coins

Bowls of fresh water to rinse hands and coins is a good idea for some kids!

St Patricks Day Shaving Cream Hand in Bin

Digging gout the coins is also a great fine motor activity for young kids. Exploring tactile sensory play is a treat for the sensory processing system and shaving cream sensory play is easy and fun.

St Patricks Day Shaving Cream Hands

Shaving cream is definitely hands on play!

St Patricks Day Shaving Cream Hands in Bucket

Hide anything you want inside a mound of shaving cream and invite your kids to explore with their senses. LEGO, superhero, princesses, plastic animals, beads, and more are perfect to add to the fun.

Go ahead and try shaving cream sensory play!