Have a LEGO Valentines Day! You bet! We engineered some pretty cool LEGO hearts, and here we have a few more Valentine LEGO ideas including LEGO LOVE letters {fun name but not a writing activity}, mini LEGO hearts, and a LEGO heart outline {little symmetry practice}. Easy and fun LEGO building ideas using mostly basic bricks.

Build With LEGO For Valentine’s Day

Will you take the LEGO Valentine’s day building challenge? What will you build? Grab a bunch of basic bricks and see what you can come up with.

Alternatively, try out a few Valentine’s Day themed words or build a variety of hearts. LEGO is great for holiday theme building challenges.

Also grab our free printable Valentine’s Day LEGO Challenge Cards!

LEGO can be enjoyed in so many ways. Make LEGO building with basic bricks a part of your every day learning and play with your kids.

LEGO is even a great tool for classrooms. Work on fine motor skills, solve problems, create designs, practice math skills, and so much more with basic LEGO bricks. How will you use your LEGO?

LEGO love lettersPin

Valentine’s Day LEGO Ideas

LEGO Love Letters

Have you ever tried to build LEGO letters? It’s pretty easy just using basic bricks. Take a look at the ones we made below or come up with your own plan. Of course, we spelled LOVE for our LEGO Valentines build!

LEGO Valentines Day LOVE letters building ideaPin

LEGO Heart Outline

Can you build an outline of a heart? Leave the middle empty or fill in with different color bricks!

Mini LEGO Hearts

We also made mini LEGO hearts as part of our LEGO Valentines Day challenge. They even fit into a fun little puzzle design. Add special details too. Click on photo below or link here to check them out and see how we made them.

Large LEGO Heart

Give a heart LEGO Valentine to that someone special! We even made them in all colors. Plus they also fit together for a neat building and sculpture activity. Click on the link or photo to read about them.

More Fun LEGO Challenges To Try

Here are some fun LEGO builds you have a go at…

More Easy Valentine’s Day Activities For Kids

Printable Valentine STEM Project Pack

Countdown to Valentine’s Day with science and STEM! Pack includes complete instructions, templates, and images for 20+ activities. Bonus: printable science Valentine’s Day cards!


  1. Hi there! Great ideas here- I am so happy to find your site. I am trying to come up with a craft for Valentine’s day class party for my 5 year old- I love the Lego Hearts! Would you recommend the Lego store or buying a classic box? Class of 18 students. Also, do you have any ideas to go along with the Lego hearts for a craft?

  2. Sorry for the late reply. In the future you might want to try buying specific bricks in bulk on Amazon or Ebay. You could use them as stamps, dip in paint and make a Valentine Card.

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