These quick and easy Valentines Day Math activities are just a small part of our Valentine’s activities this season. Enjoy sensory, science, fine motor, art and now Math play with a Valentine theme. These early learning Math activities are great for hands-on learning and make practicing skills fun.

Valentine Math Activities For Kids

Valentines Math Early Learning Ideas


Changing up activities for different holidays and seasons provides the novelty young kids need to have fun and enjoy learning! With a few simple items, you can create loads of great ways to play this Valentine’s Day!

1: Counting by 10’s

I used our white activity tray and hunted around for Valentines colored objects like LEGO, buttons, pom poms, hearts of various materials and glass gems.

I made sure there was an accurate amount of each, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 items and then wrote those numbers on paper hearts.

Valentines early learning counting to 60 set up

The object of the activity was to count each section and match it to the correct heart.

We began by just looking at the paper hearts and talking about the numbers and their names. we put them in order and I asked him to hand me random ones as I called them out. He chose the LEGO first, counted them and found the number 50! Some went smoother than others!

valentines early learning counting to 60

Obviously, 10 was the easiest and he took careful count of each of the different colors of pom poms putting them in order!

valentines early learning counting to 60 -2

2: Making Patterns

These egg containers are awesome trays for practicing hands-on sorting, patterning and counting. I created 5 different patterns for him to repeat through both trays.

valentines early learning patterns

Helpful Hint: We started with a white sheet of paper covering the other rows but he got the hang of it quickly!

valentines early learning patterning work

3: Roll The Dice

I used a baking dish, white rice and heart-shaped confetti to make a sensory Math roll and find Valentine game with dice.

He had lots of fun with this and we worked on some simple adding skills too. I had two different dice which spurred the adding practice. One had pips and one had numbers. Problem solving!

I also traced hearts onto a sheet of paper and numbered them 1-12. he had to roll, add/count, find the heart on the paper and then search for hearts. He filled the correct heart on the paper with the correct amount of mini red hearts!

valentine early learning math game set up

There was always extra counting practice when he rolled a number he had already gotten. First we would identify the number rolled and then he would count the pips starting from the number he had already found.

I gave him just one die when we were down to the heart with the number one and showed him why two dice would make it impossible to roll a 1!

valentines early learning playing math game

4: Graphing

Hooray for painter’s tape. I used our table to make a huge graph. I then selected my materials and made sure I had the right number of each to fill in 1-10 with 10 items!

valentine early learning graphing set up

valentine early learning graphing finish

Fun and challenging! We have been working on graphing off and on this past year.

To make it a bit easier for him to understand, I showed him how we would be finding how many of each item we had by placing it in this graph next to the numbers and we chose one of each item to put across the very bottom as our sample!
valentine early learning graphing work

When we were all finished, he used his fingers to slowly trace over to the numbers to see how many he had found.

5: Math With Water Beads

Please visit B-Inspired Mama for all the details of this cool water beads sensory bin!

valentine early learning math water beads set up

We used cookie cutters and water beads to measure the hearts.

valentine early learning math measuring count

We searched for and sorted buttons and hearts. We then sorted by colors and counted each type.

valentine early learnig math water beads sort and count

6: Counting 1 to 20

I used our flash cards, acrylic heart counters and an egg carton tray for this activity. Very simple but effective.

I made sure the flash cards were out-of-order too! He has some trouble with 12-19 so I wanted to make sure he could in fact recognized them out-of-order. We started with 18.

valentine early learning 11 counting to 20 set up

He chose a flash card and counted out the appropriate amount of hearts. The tray helped him keep track of each one and allowed him the opportunity to start over if he needed to try again!

valentine early learning flashcard counting to 20


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Do you have a favorite early learning Valentine’s Math activity?

Click on the image below or on the link for more preschool Math activities.

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