This kids science activity is perfect for any busy family who wants to try a little science at home. Simple science can be super quick, fun, and easy for young kids. That’s how we prefer our learning time to be so we have more time to play! A few simple ingredients from the kitchen and your home science lab is ready to go! Simple science experiments and STEM activities are perfect for curious kids!

Kids Science Activity


Home science can sound a bit intimidating for parents and caregivers not accustomed to setting up science experiments, but I can guarantee you this kids science activity is really easy. Plus everyone has a blast, and you will want to try it over and over again. One of the best kids science activities you can easily do is a classic experiment with baking soda and vinegar. There is such a wow factor every time you do it, that it never gets old {at least not around here}! Check out my son’s first baking soda science experience when he was 3. It’s cool science.


Let’s get started! Here’s what you need and how to set it up. You will be the super hero of any weekend afternoon.


Baking Soda


Food Coloring

Cookie Cutters


Eye Dropper or Baster


Simple set up for this kids science activity! Use any sort of tray like a lid to a storage container, cookie sheet, or even a shallow pan. You can see how we set up this fun Halloween themed baking soda activity here. We do these kinds of experiments both inside and outside. It can get a little messy so you can always put a towel underneath the tray. We don’t mind messy here.

Kids science activity with baking soda and vinegar set up and supplies

To get started, place cookie cutters on whatever surface you have chosen. This is fun to change with the seasons or holidays like our Halloween theme, Christmas theme, or Valentine’s theme! Sometime we even use little black pots like our St Patrick’s Day theme or plastic ornaments or plastic champagne glasses for our Christmas and New Years themes. We have so many variations!

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Spoon baking soda into each cookie cutter. You can also add drops of food coloring to each cookie cutter. Why not play around with color mixing too! Set out a container of vinegar and an eyedropper or baster. Get set to be wowed! Encourage your kids to suck up some vinegar with the eyedropper or baster. This is awesome fine motor practice and coordination too.

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Get your kids talking about what they see, hear, smell, and feel with this simple kids science activity. What’s happening when the two ingredients mix? It’s pretty cool and kids are usually pretty impressed by it. There is also some simple science behind it that even younger kids will start to pick up if repeated a few times!

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A simple kids science activity that is also a chemical reaction! When an acid and a base mix they form a gas called carbon dioxide. Here the vinegar is the acid and the baking soda is the base. An awesome and safe chemical reaction science experiment for kids to try!

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Super easy science right out of the kitchen cupboard. Try it once and you will want to be fully stocked with baking soda and vinegar, so you can pull it out any time! Why not build a volcano out of LEGO and let it erupt!


Baking soda and vinegar for quick science! They are going to love it!



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  1. I am just starting to intentionally implement STEM in my classroom. I teach 18-24 month olds and most activities I have researched are geared towards older children. Please consider ideas for young preschoolers.
    Thank you.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts! I simply write what I do with my son and he is past that stage lol. Block building is a wonderful foundation. How about sending cars down ramps? Exploring water with color mixing or using sponges in water may work well!

  3. Thank you for the simple explanation of the chemical reaction. I’m doing a science/art project with my pre-K class today, and this was just what I needed. (PS, hi! your blog popped up on google, and I got all excited, “I know her!” 🙂

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