Enjoy the holidays with some very cool and not so scary Halloween sensory ideas. Our favorite Halloween sensory activities for toddlers to preschoolers include sensory bins, slime (especially taste safe slime), water play, messy play, calm down jars, fizzy Halloween science experiments and more.

Sensory activities don’t have to be difficult to set up and you will find these Halloween activities use common kitchen pantry ingredients.  Let’s get your kids set up for some fun sensory playtime for the holidays!


Halloween Sensory Play Not So Spooky Collection

Halloween Sensory Play And Hands On Learning For Kids

Halloween can be such a fun and novel holiday for young children. It certainly doesn’t have to be scary or frightening but it can be a little creepy, crawly and filled with silly sensory play and a little bit of learning too!

Halloween sensory play also doesn’t have to be hard to set up or expensive either. I love the dollar store for seasonal sensory items.

Tip: When the holiday is done, I store items in a zip lock bag and place in a plastic bin for next year

I love sensory play for my son and he loves all the hands-on fun! Read all about why sensory play and especially why sensory bins are important! Tactile sensory play is perfect for young kids and we have great sensory play recipes for you to try.

Halloween Sensory Ideas

Click on the link for each Halloween sensory activity below for the full supply list and set up.

Glitter Jars For Halloween

Calming glitter jars take very little time to make but offer numerous, lasting benefits for your kids. Halloween sensory activities are hit for kids of all ages and these sensory jars make a great calm down tool with their mesmerizing Halloween theme sparkle!

Halloween Sensory Box

Three different Halloween sensory bins to try, choose your filling!

Looking for easy to print Halloween activities? 

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Halloween Slime Recipes

Goopy, fluffy, stretchy, oozy, creepy are some of my son’s favorite ways to describe our awesome homemade slime recipes and what better time to make slime than for Halloween!

Halloween Stress Balls

Make your own Halloween stress balls from balloons and a variety of fillings. So much fun for squeezing and squishing!

Ghost Peeps – Taste Safe Slime!

Ghostly Peeps slime is an awesome Halloween activity to do with kids of multiple ages since it combines science and sensory play into one cool activity. Everyone will enjoy the experience!

Monster Playdough

There are so many fun ways to enjoy Halloween with kids! Keep it simple by putting together a monster making playdough tray that will be perfect to take out all month long! This quick set up is made with homemade playdough and easy craft or dollar store Halloween items.

monster making play dough witch

Spidery Oobleck

Oobleck is a fun sensory activity made from two easy ingredients.  Add in some plastic spiders and tweezers for practice with fine motor skills.

Hope you find one or more fun and not-so-spooky Halloween Sensory ideas to try this October!


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