Grab a pack of copy paper and give these simple STEM activities a try right NOW! If you think STEM is too complicated, time-consuming, and costs too much… think again! Here I share 15 fantastic ways you can explore easy STEM activities with paper. Plus, free printable templates and instructions. Set up easy STEM projects in the classroom, with groups, or at home in no time!



STEM projects… STEM challenges… engineering activities… all sound pretty complicated, right? Like they aren’t accessible for most kiddos to try or use in classrooms where time and money are tight.

Just imagine if all you really need for STEM is a pack of paper (and maybe a couple of simple supplies for a few)! Enjoy no prep STEM activities or very low prep!

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Before you dive head first into these easy paper STEM activities, explore these reader-favorite resources to help make prepping and planning your STEM activities easy.

Learn about the engineering design process, browse engineering books, practice engineering vocabulary, and dig deep with questions for reflection.


While most of these simple STEM activities below only need paper and a few things like tape, scissors, pennies, or other commonly found items, you can always collect STEM supplies for future projects.

Choose your simple STEM activity, have the supplies ready to go, prep any small steps if needed to save time, and let the kiddos take the lead or help get them started in the right direction.

Grab the FREE Printable STEM Supplies List.

How do you acquire STEM supplies? You grab a big bin and start saving random items!

Step #1 Collect recyclables, non-recyclables, and package materials. Collect all the TP rolls you can find.

Step #2 Shop from places like the grocery store or dollar store for items such as toothpicks, paper clips, string etc.

Step #3 Don’t be afraid to send a letter to families and see what they might have around the house to save or donate.

How many bags of cotton balls do you need? A quick and easy list of items like craft sticks, toothpicks, and index cards from the dollar store goes a long way. You might be able to partner up with teachers in other grades or classrooms looking to share similar materials.

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There are so many fun and easy STEM activities you can do with paper. From paper STEM challenges that are pretty much no prep, engineering projects using paper, to paper science experiments, coding STEM activities and more.

Click on each STEM activity below for supplies and instructions. Paper STEM challenges and science experiments also include free printable worksheets and project templates.

Air Foils

Make simple paper air foils and explore air resistance.

Balancing Mobile

Mobiles are free-hanging sculptures that can move in the air. Make a balanced mobile from paper using our free shapes printable.

Binary Code

A screen free coding activity that is easy to do with our printable binary coding worksheets.

Color Wheel Spinner

Can you make white light from all the different colors? Make a color wheel spinner from paper and find out.

Invisible Ink

Write a secret message on paper that no one else can see until the ink is revealed. It is simple chemistry!

Paper Airplane Launcher

Be inspired by famous aviator Amelia Earhart and design your own paper plane launcher.

Paper Bridge Challenge

Challenge your kiddos to build the strongest bridge possible from just paper! Plus, you can extend the activity by exploring other types of common materials!

a paper bridge holding pennies

Paper Chain Challenge

One of the easiest STEM challenges with paper ever!

Paper Chromatography

Separate the colors in a black marker using paper and water with this simple science experiment.

Paper Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel tower has to be one of the most well known structures in the world. Make your own paper Eiffel tower with only tape, paper and a pencil.

Paper Helicopter

Make a paper helicopter that actually flies! This is an easy engineering challenge for young kids and older ones too. Learn about what helps helicopters rise into the air, with a few simple supplies.

Paper Sculptures

Try something a little different by creating your own 3D paper sculptures from simple shapes cut out of paper.

Penny Spinner

Make these fun paper spinner toys for a simple STEM activity the kids will love.

Secret Decoder Ring

Can you crack the code? Put together your own secret decoder ring from paper with our free coding printable.

Strong Paper

Experiment with folding paper in different ways to test its strength, and learn about what shapes make the strongest structures.

Walk Through Paper Challenge

How can you fit your body through a single piece of paper? Learn about perimeter, while testing out your paper cutting skills.


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