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Want To Enjoy Some Screen Free Time With Your Child This Week?

If you need a break from technology or just want to incorporate more book time into your child’s play time, try one of these awesome books and play ideas. All are relatively easy to very easy to set up and I always like to keep our budget in mind! Save your items to use again and again with different books! Book sensory play is an amazing resource for play and learning! Looking for even more screen free fun, visit Emma at P Is For Preschooler. She has more Screen Free Fun for Toddlers and Preschoolers!

Why would I use book sensory play?

First I would like to point out that when I use the phrase sensory play, I am including many senses! Sensory bins and messy sensory play are most commonly thought of when you hear the words sensory play. Movement, motion, sight, sound and smell are also powerful components of sensory play. So while we make lots of sensory bins here, we also like to use our other senses to engage in play. Adding sensory engaging activities to books can really bring a favorite story to life, encourage play independently and with others, develop language skills, work on early learning skills, and satisfy the senses of a young child. Many young children learn with their whole body and attend better when there are more outlets of sensory processing. Take a look at these fun books and ideas to get you thinking about the week ahead!

20 Favorite Preschool Books & Activities

Try one or two this week and see how your child reacts to a new way to look at a favorite book! You can change the ideas to suit your child’s needs, interests, and skill level. Often multiple ages can play and learn together with the same activity! If you have never made a sensory bin, start with this great sensory bin challenge idea and visit our sensory resources page! We enjoy quite a bit of tactile play and movement play with our books plus a dash of science!

Our newest is the Alphabet Pirate Play ~Planting A Surprise Garden~

~Dr. Seuss Rhyming Sensory Bin~

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Sub Ocean Sensory Box ~ Road Work Construction Box ~ Boats Sensory Box

I wanted to include these three book and bin ideas to show you what I have created and put aside for the week. I picked a few of my son’s favorite books, grabbed some aquarium rocks and my trusty TOOBS Ocean and Boats. I dug around for some toy construction vehicles and added some wood pieces. Three quick and simple book play ideas in a great travel box with lid. The book fits inside. Throw in a few extra on the theme if you have them handy!

R20 books and sensory play ideas group 8

Farm Story Sensory BinFrog Sensory Play Bugs and Beans

20 books and sensory play ideas group 1

 Gravity ScienceSolids, Liquids and GassesWeather  Science 

20 books and sensory play ideas group 2

Recycling Science Book PlayAlphabet Mystery

20 books and sensory play ideas group 7

The Mitten ~ Penguin Learning ~ Dinosaur Discovery

20 books and sensory play ideas group 4

Earl The Squirrel ~ Ten Apples Up On Top

20 books and sensory play ideas group 6

 Block City Book Play

block city

Pirate Treasure!

5 Treasure Hunts Sensory Play

I hope you have some new ideas for your screen free morning, day, week, month!

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