If your kids love playing with water then they will love our easy to set up water sensory science activities! Using simple items from around the house or classroom, you can set up simple ways for kids to explore the sciences. Encourage a love of science early on through awesome sensory play!


15 Water Sensory Science Activities

Hands-On Science Activities for Play and Learning

We love science! Young children are such curious creatures and science is a wonderful way to encourage exploring, discovering, and observing. If you haven’t felt comfortable setting up science at home, we have so many simple science activities you must try!


Classic science experiments are always popular and a must try, but we love inventing unique activities and experiments to test our science knowledge. We also have a new collection of water science ideas that has a few different ideas.

Our favorite science ingredient is water. There is so many wonderful science sensory play opportunities with water! We always keep great science ingredients on hand in our homemade science experiments kit!


Easy to set up sensory science experiments and activities for any time of the year! Click links for more information.

Water Absorption Experiment

Lots of ordinary materials collected from around the house to test absorption concepts!

Sensory Science Weighing With Water {simple balance scale activity}

This can be set up as a seasonal activity as shown or use everyday items without a theme!

Cranberry Science Sensory Play

Perfect for a simple Thanksgiving science activity! You can also try out different fruits and vegetables and then cut them up for a snack together.

Color Mixing Icy Sensory Science

Simple Science Sensory Discovery Bottles

Big Bottle Color Mixing Sensory Science Play

Cotton Ball Water Sensory Science Play

Icy Dinosaur Excavation Science Sensory Play


Sink The Styrofoam Boat Water Sensory Play

I is for Ice Sensory Science Play

Peppermint Candy Dissolve Water Sensory Play

Peppermint Water Science Close Up of Mints

 Rain Clouds

Ocean Sensory Science Play 



Why Don’t Water and Oil Mix? | Colorful Bombs from The Science Kiddo

Math Grid Games with Stickers from Stir The Wonder




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