4 Frozen Stars Ice Melt Activities

Simple Science Sensory play

4 frozen stars sensory play activities

Easy Summer Science Play For Kids With Simple Ingredients!

One set of dollar store star shaped ice cube trays and unlimited possibilities for quick and simple play to keep everyone entertained. This summer, our freezer is not only filled with yummy frozen treats to eat, it is filled with all sorts of frozen goodies to experiment with too! I bet you have what you need already to get started with these COOL frozen activities! The great thing about preschool science is not about the straight facts and explanations, rather the exploration, discovery and observations that come from the hands on play! I wasn’t sure how each of our experiments would work out but it was a fun way to pass the time.

Ice  Melt Supplies Needed:

  • star shaped ice cube trays (regular ice cube trays will do too in a pinch!)
  • water
  • food coloring
  • baking soda
  • salt
  • oil
  • containers and eye droppers

Make sure to allow enough time for the water to freeze properly. I mix the water with food coloring in a 2 cup measuring cup and simply fill the trays and place in freezer. Note that one set is just clear, regular water with no color but do what you like! You could easily work in a little color mixing learning too and let your kids help mix colors before filling the trays.

Summer Science Ice Melt: Oil And Water

Pop out the colored ice cubes and set out a baking pan with a shallow layer of oil on the bottom. I filled a measuring cup with warm water and gave him an eye dropper. Thought I would let him transfer the ice with tongs too for a little fine motor work! As the stars melted, the colored water and oil stayed separate. We have done several oil and water activities before but this was an unique play twist! Although there is a more in depth chemical reaction between water and oil taking place, water is simply heavier than oil!

ice star oil set up

ice star melt oil and water

Summer Science Ice Melt: Salt Melt

This time we used red and blue stars! We emptied them into a baking dish. Again I set out warm water and an eye dropper. This time I added salt to use to help melt the ice along with the water! Now essentially the salt is not doing an awesome job of melting this ice indoors in our baking tray but you can get an idea if you add a little warm water! Much easier to demonstrate outside in the winter, but we had fun anyway! Read the science behind salt and ice melt here.

ice star salt melt set up

ice stars salt melt science activity

Summer Science Ice Melt: Baking Soda

For this activity, I used plain icy stars but colored the  vinegar red! I put a thin layer of baking soda on the tray and placed the stars on top of it. We sprinkled baking soda over the tops of each star and added a good dose of glitter! Since we weren’t using warm water to melt the ice, it took a bit longer but the fizzing fun of the baking soda and vinegar reaction was the favorite part! Get the baking soda and vinegar science here. For preschool, we call it a simple chemical reaction.

ice star baking soda set up

ice stars baking soda melt

Summer Science Ice Melt: Frozen Fizzy Stars

Now these have an extra step with added baking soda in the initial freezing process. This we did prior to the above mini experiments. Click the picture or here to bring you to the original post with all the instructions. It was great fun especially if you love fizzy science. If you have a Frozen (movie) fan, make it your theme!

frozen stars summer baking soda science play

Summer science is the best! Keep the learning simple but the fun exciting. These make great outdoor activities or even indoor rainy day activities too. If you have several ages to entertain help the older ones learn the facts while the younger ones enjoy some simple sensory play! 

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  1. Love all your activities and use many of them when I do the parent-child interactive literacy story times for our school district at the Title 1 Parent centers and when I do my parent child interactive literacy lessons for the parents who use our child care center at our adult education center. All these can be used in bits and pieces (part of activity or all ) and both the adults and children love these and learn so much from all of your ideas! Some of the toddlers are reluctance at first to participate until they see mom do it then they want to try! Please keep these wonderful activities coming!

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