Winter can be long so why not throw in some fun themed Winter activities or science experiments to make the most of your indoor time. When you aren’t out sledding, building snowman, or firing snow balls, check out our favorite easy set-up Winter activities for kids ages 3-8! P.S. Adults enjoy Winter activities too!

20 Winter Activities and Science Experiments for Kids

Winter Activities and Science Experiments for Kids

We have had a lot of fun with all of these Winter activities. They all use common supplies found in your local stores. They are all pretty inexpensive with many of the materials able to be re-used for other projects. They are also easy to do at home or at school with a single child or a group of children. Themed learning activities are a fun way to take a regular activity and make it completely new again. Looking for more science activities, check out this huge list of classic science activities for kids.

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20 Awesome Winter Activities To Keep Kids Busy

From slimes, ice melts, goops, and more, we have you covered for great hands-on learning activities for your kids. Click on the photos below to learn more about each of these winter activities for kids. You will find plenty of how-to’s, supply lists, and ideas for play. We have even more winter activities for young kids here.

Winter snowflake homemade slime recipe for science and sensory pay Frozen Theme Winter Slime Recipe Science Activity Sensory Play Arctic Ice Sensory Play Winter Ice Melt Milk Container Arctic Slime Winter Sensory Play Homemade slime recipe         Winter Nature Ice Melt Science Sensory Experiment Water Sensory Play       Evergreen oobleck Science Winter Science Sensory Play Christmas Tree Activity Winter Snowflake Oobleck Sensory Play Winter Science Experiment Snow Science Winter Snow Melting Activity Sensory Science Play Snowman baking soda science activity melting snowman winter science Winter Snowflake Sensory Jar Snowflake Sensory Play  Snowman Slime Winter Sensory Play   Melting Snowman Science Snow Melt Science Activity

Snow Dough Slime Dough Stretchy Slime Recipe Sensory Play Crystal Snowflake ornament made with borax water pipe cleaners Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough Sensory Play

Frozen Inspired Melting Castles Baking Soda Science Activity Sensory Play     Freezing Bubble Science Activity Outdoor Bubble Play   Elsa Frozen Castle Melting Ice Experiment Water Sensory Play

Frozen Activities Frozen Themed Science Ice ScienceIce Magnet Play Preschool Magnet Science and Ice ActivityIce Car Rescue Ice Melt Science Sensory Play

What makes a good Winter activity or science experiment? You! Create new ways to play and learn with simple supplies. Ask questions, encourage curiosity, and spend time playing! I find even adults enjoy these Winter activities too. They are also great ideas for setting up independent play time for the older child. My son can happily spend 45 minutes melting a block of ice on his own, but mom has to give it a try too!

We hope you find NEW Winter Activities for indoor play!

Here are few more Winter themed science ideas that include other bloggers.

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