If you are looking to keep the kids busy and give them something to work on this spring, these FREE spring printable activities are the way to go! From STEM to science to sensory play to spring crafts, get them away from the screens and encourage them to invent, design, and engineer their own worlds. STEM activities are perfect all year round!


What Age Group Are These Spring Printables For?

These free spring printables are more than just worksheets about Spring! Our list includes interactive activities, games, art projects and STEM challenges that are perfect for a variety of age ranges! From preschool and kindergarten, to elementary and even middle school, there is something for everyone.

Utilize these fun spring theme projects fin your Spring learning unit in the classroom or at home. Most of these make great individual learning experiences or work well as group projects too!

Explore topics such as:

  • Plants, flowers, and insects. Kids can learn about the life cycle of plants, study different types of flowers, and observe insects that play a role in pollination.
  • Investigate the changes in weather during spring. Topics can include rain cycles, and cloud formations. Kids can also track daily weather patterns.
  • Focus on the fascinating transformation of caterpillars into butterflies. This theme can include studying butterfly species, creating butterfly gardens, and observing the life cycle of these beautiful insects.
  • Celebrate the vibrant colors of spring through various art projects. Kids can explore different art techniques, and create nature-inspired crafts.

Free Spring Printables & Worksheets

Click on the activities below to learn more about each one, and to access the printables relevant to that activity.

Printable Spring Art Projects

Dot Flowers: Color in our free printable flower template with nothing but dots.

Flower Painting: Kids will love to paint these fun, bright flowers with their own homemade stamps inspired by artist Alma Thomas.

Handprint Flower Craft: Make a bouquet of handprint flowers.

Matisse Flowers: Make your own “painting” with cut-out shapes inspired by famous artist, Henri Matisse.

Monet Sunflowers Painting: Use the free sunflower printable for a spring art project that is perfect for many ages and budgets to try!

Pastel Flowers: Pastels and a free flower printable are the perfect combination for a simple spring art and craft project.

Picasso Flowers: Paint a colorful bouquet of flowers based on one of Pablo Picasso’s most famous artworks.

Polka Dot Butterfly Painting: Spring is not only the perfect time to explore butterflies, but it is also the perfect time to make a polka dot butterfly painting inspired by famous artist, Yayoi Kusama.

Pop Art Flowers: Use mixed media to color these printable pop art flowers.

Rainbow Coloring Page: Use the free printable rainbow template to make this puffy paint craft for kids!

Spring STEM Printables

Some of my favorite activities are STEM projects! There’s an entire Spring STEM challenge included in the list below, and kids absolutely love it! Print and laminate to use at home or in the classroom again and again!

Bean Seed Printable Pack: Add this free printable bean life cycle pack to your plant activities to extend the learning!

Draw a Flower Algorithm: A fun printable coding activity that uses simple algorithms to draw a flower.

Frog Life Cycle Color By Number:

Plant Cell Coloring Sheet:

Plant Life Cycle Color By Number:

Parts of a Plant: Learn the parts of a plant with this simple printable craft.

Parts of a Leaf:

Parts of a Flower:

Rainbow STEM Challenges:

Spring LEGO Building Challenges:

Spring STEM Challenges:

Secret Coding Pictures:

Printable Spring Playdough Mats

You can find all our playdough mats here as well as helpful tips & tricks, and our favorite playdough recipe!

More Spring Activities To Explore

Printable Spring STEM Activities Pack

If you’re looking to have all of your printable activities in one convenient place, plus exclusive worksheets with a spring theme, our 300+ page Spring STEM Project Pack is what you need!

Weather, geology, plants, life cycles, and more!


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