Welcome to our 14 Day Activity Challenge for fun activities for kids you can do at home. Of course, you can use them in the classroom, with scout groups, library programs, summer camps, and so many more places! Here, we know fun and we do fun every day!

Did you know that each of these kid’s activities even provides a bit of hands-on learning? Whether you are playing with STEM or STEAM, science or sensory, this challenge will have you covered with a new activity each day of the week.


14 Days of Fun Activities for Kids Challenge and free printable


First, you need the special 14 Day Activity Challenge which you can print from here. You’ll want to put it on the fridge as a reminder!

Are you as excited as I am to kick off this 14-day challenge? I hope you are because we have an amazing lineup of easy activities you can pull out anytime! These activities offer a wide range of projects from around our website.

For more ways to explore our favorite topics, click on the links below.

Why are these activities for kids so awesome?

Here are a few good reasons!

  • They are the perfect opportunity to connect with your kiddos, including kiddos of all ages. This 14-day challenge can be as much fun with your three-year-old as it can be with your ten-year-old!
  • They use common household supplies to help keep this 14-day activity challenge doable and on a budget!
  • They are both playful and engaging, each of these activities offers early learning opportunities.
  • They are all easy to set up and clean up ideas that can be done in 15-30 minutes or longer if desired!

Grab this FREE 14-Day Activity Challenge and get started today!



My best advice is to take it page by page! Each activity has a Day # assigned to it and a list of supplies at the bottom of the page. Before you get started, determine which supplies you already have and which ones you still need. Of course, you can switch around the days if you need too! There are also two bonus activities on the last page.

  • Print out the challenges!
  • Gather supplies!
  • Get started!

Tip: Do you have older kids who can help younger kids with these challenges? This is a great way for families to connect.

DAY #1: Rubber Egg Experiment

Have you ever made a bouncy raw egg? This is a real treat and a classic science experiment for the kiddos. All you need is vinegar and eggs but food coloring is optional. You’ll want to make sure you give this one 24-48 hours to work its magic so plan accordingly. This is a set it and forget type of experiment. Watch the video and read the procedure here.

Also, set up the saltwater egg density experiment.

DAY #2: Fluffy Slime

Kids love slime! Slime is all the rage and it’s a fantastic way to explore chemistry. Shaving cream, PVA glue, water, baking soda, saline solution, and food coloring are all you need to get started. Watch a video and follow the recipe here.

DAY #3: Marshmallow Toothpick Towers

What’s easier than toothpicks and marshmallows! What else can you substitute for marshmallows in a pinch? Anything soft but firm. Find more awesome ideas here and print out the FREE 2D and 3D shape building guide.

DAY #4: Coffee Filter Art

A bouquet of bright coffee filter flowers might look impressive but it’s as simple and playful for toddler or preschoolers as it’s creative and engaging for teens! See how to make flowers and turn them into a bouquet or make simple butterflies with a clothespin for the younger kiddos.

DAY #5: Baking Soda Eruption

What is one of the most fun activities for kids we have ever tried? You guessed it! Baking soda and vinegar. Cookie cutters on a tray, plastic eggs, a muffin tin… These are all perfect for holding a scoop of baking soda. You can either add a hidden drop of food coloring or mix up colored vinegar! Watch out this fizzy egg rainbow!

DAY #6: Foil Boat Challenge

The great foil boat challenge! Give every kiddo the same size square of aluminum foil and test the strength of the boat with pennies! Great indoor activity or outdoor activity! There’s no link for this one, but I’m sure you can figure out the plan!

DAY #7: Salt Painting

The magic of glue and salt with a bit of food coloring! This activity will work well for all ages. Younger kids will enjoy the fun process while older kids can take more time with patterns and intricate designs. Watch the video and set it up here.

DAY #8: Magic Milk

A WOW kind of science activity using milk, dish soap, and food coloring. Explosions of color are all about the science behind it. Watch a video and set the activity up here.

DAY #9: Super Soft Playdough

This is not your traditional playdough (although we have those recipes too)! This super-soft playdough uses 2 main ingredients only or three if you count the food coloring. Easy for kids to make and super squishy for loads of fun. Watch a video, follow the recipe, and download a free playdough mat here.

DAY #10: Calming Glitter Jar

Glitter jars are fun to make with the kiddos and they provide a wonderful way to take a mental break and decompress. Watch the video and make your own!

DAY #11: Saline Slime

Slime will delight kiddos of all ages for an afternoon! Our recipe is super simple and works every time but make sure to read through the instructions and pick up the right ingredients! See our #1 Slime Recipe here.

If you are looking for additional slime recipes, you can find all of our recipes right here.

DAY #12: Catapult

One of our very favorite activities is a catapult! Although we have several ways to make one, the easiest and most fun is the craft stick catapult. Find an additional free download and instructions to make your own catapult here.

DAY #13: Oobleck

Is it a liquid or a solid? Test it and find out for yourself. Oobleck is an unusual substance that teaches kids about the properties of Non-newtonian fluids. Learn all about oobleck and make your own here.

DAY #14: Fizzy Painting

Chemistry and art combined? You bet when you try fizzy painting. Mix up a batch of baking soda paint and check out art in a whole new way. See how to make it here.

BONUS #1: Egg Drop Challenge

A classic STEM challenge at any time of the year is the egg drop challenge. We have a version for both young kids and older kids including a less to no mess way that our youngest scientists can participate too. See how to get your egg drop challenge set up here.

BONUS #2: Foam Dough

Foam dough is another great way to explore textures with a 2-3 ingredient recipe! Kids of all ages will love mixing this up and you can change the texture by the ratios of liquid to solid that you use! Make it an experiment. Watch the video and make your own foam dough here.

CHECKLIST: Check off each project when you are done and celebrate the fun!

Kids love a good checklist! Keep them inspired and look forward to the next activity.


Ready to get started and want a super easy-to-follow plan, grab the instructions and step-by-step images plus even more activity suggestions below!



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